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You may have a specific goal in your mind while you connect with us and book an appointment with our experts but then you will find many other treatments that we offer for your hair follicles. We are so much more than just being your hairstylist. Our wide range of services covers everything from hair cutting to hair weaving and styling.

Hair Extension

Are you annoyed by the thin and short hairs that you have? Well, if that’s the case, our experts can help you with the best hair extension techniques, including clipping, tape extensions, nano rings, micro rings, etc. It’s up to you which one of the above-mentioned options you choose.

Natural Hair Care

We believe in using natural hair products to make sure when you choose us, you do not have to face any post-treatment complications. There are certain chemicals that may not have a good effect on your hair follicles. Thus, our professionals try going natural.

Hair Weaving

If you want to cover your baldness or you want to have denser hair to cherish, hair weaving is the technique for you. When you go for it, our experts add either human hair or synthetic hair to offer your hair a thicker appeal.

Hair Braiding

Are you looking for a vintage look with a contemporary feel for a theme-based party tonight? Connect with us and we will have a braid formed for you. A braid is a pattern that is prepared by interlacing three or more hair strands.

Using Relaxer

In case you want to see yourself with a straightened hair, we make the process easier with the use of a relaxer. It is a lotion or cream that makes the hair easier to be straightened. The proper management of the curls enables our experts to convert the curls into straight hair strands without much hassle.

Hair Styling

With us, styling hairs is easy. You know why? This is because our experts know how to style the strands as per the nature of the event the clients are scheduled to attend. As a result, you will have the most creatively styled hairs for the parties. You can try us.

Silk Press

Like a relaxer, we also have a means of converting straight hairs into curly ones that is referred to as silk press. It is a conventional press that helps us provide you with the most attractive curls to cherish.

Hair Treatment

Whether it is about taking care of the hairs or having the best styles for your already stronger and denser follicles, our hair treatments are many for you to choose from.

Hair Color

Don’t you like the brownish shade that highlights your hair follicle? Do you want to try something different? If yes, our hair color experts will help you choose the best shade for your hairs.

Hair Cut

With a wide variety of haircut options, Unique Hair Gallery has become the most sought-after salons in the town. No matter which haircut you want to get done, our professionals are ready with their equipment all the time.

Lace Frontal

It is the half wig alternative in which the strands go from ear to ear and are sewn together taking up 3-4 bundles of the hair. With the lace frontal technique, you get the entire hairline recreated from ear to ear with it being approximately 2 inches back.

Quick Weave

Do you want to get your hair styles instantly as you are in a hurry to reach somewhere? In that case, quick weave, one of our specialties, becomes your option. In this method, our experts take the hair wefts and glue them together onto a protective cap, which is then placed on the top of your head. You can connect with our experts for more details.

Shampoo & Conditioning

You shampoo your hair and condition it at regular intervals. But still, the magic is missing. If you wish to see the magic, visit us. Our professionals will pamper your hair follicles the way they desire to and the magic will be created. Yes, try it.